Wednesday, May 6, 2020

My Presentation On Cultural Development - 1569 Words

My Presentation on Cultural Development Shermaine Cunningham UDC-CC What comes to mind when you think of culture? What do you think of when you hear development? We can associate cultural with different ethnic groups around the world like for instance East Africa. We can associate development with different countries around the world that provides the people with knowledge through technology like for instance Japan, which is a huge developing country. A country’s cultural development is measured by The Human Development Index (HDI) that gives an overall of its social and economic situation to include life expectancy at birth, adjusted gross domestic product per capita, and education within the schooling and literacy system.†¦show more content†¦Put the two together would be the spread of ideas, customs, social behavior of a society and technologies from one person and place to another. Why does development vary among countries? Development vary among countries based on economic indicators of development, gross domestic product per capita, types of jobs, raw materials, consumer goods, social indicators of development, education and literacy, health and welfare, demographic indicators of development, life expectancy, infant mortality rate, natural increase rate, and crude birth rate. Gross domestic product per capita is more per hour in dollars amount in more developed countries compared to less developed country where it is per hour in cents. Types of jobs can depend on the category you are in since there are three categories, primary which includes agriculture, secondary which includes manufacturing and tertiary which includes services jobs. Raw materials are used from such items as minerals and trees where things like paper are made from wood are more accessible in more developing countries and less accessible in less developing countries because of fallen prices. Consumer goods are based off of our ev er day life like cars, telephones/cellphones, and televisions that all play a role in the economic world today. Education and literacy has more school systems with more school teachers with less number of students in a class

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